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Red’s Marine Phase I and II ESA

On behalf of their client, Investor’s Community Bank of Stevens Point, WI, retained CWE, Inc. to conduct a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of the Red’s Marine property for the sale of the parcel and business. The CWE Environmental Professional conducted the Phase I ESA in accordance with ASTM standards, including a records review, site reconnaissance, interviews, and preparation of the final report. The findings revealed that the property had formerly operated as a retail gasoline station; no historic records regarding the removal of the tank system (four underground storage tanks and two dispenser islands) were found. Soil conditions included highly permeable sandy soils and shallow groundwater; numerous off-site contamination properties were also identified nearby. Based on the findings, CWE recommended conducting a Phase II ESA to evaluate the subsurface conditions and determine if a contaminant release had impacted the site. Six Geoprobe borings were advanced in and around the locations of the former tanks and dispensers. Soil and groundwater samples were collected and submitted for laboratory analysis. The results indicated that very low levels of contaminants were detected in the soil and groundwater, but all below the regulatory standards. CWE prepared and submitted the Phase II ESA report documenting the project activities, results, conclusions and recommendations of no further action. Both the Phase I and II ESA were completed expeditiously and below budget to the satisfaction of the property owner, purchaser, and financial institution.

Daily Tribune Building – Asbestos/Lead-Based Paint Inspection Project

CWE, Inc. (CWE) was retained by Lampert-Lee & Associates, to provide an Asbestos/Lead-Based Paint Inspection Survey for the former Daily Tribune Building located at 220 S. 1st Avenue, Wisconsin Rapids, Wood County, WI. The project objective was to document the presence of asbestos containing materials, (ACM) and/or lead-based paint (LBP) components that will need to be removed prior to demolition/renovation of the existing structure. The asbestos and lead-based paint inspection included a comprehensive inspection of the interior and exterior of the structure for the presences of presumed asbestos containing materials (ACM). All presumed ACM was quantified and classified as friable asbestos containing material, and Category I or Category II non-friable asbestos containing material. The project also included a lead-based paint (LBP) inspection. Interior and exterior paint chip samples were collected for laboratory analysis for lead content. The inspection included destructive bulk sampling, laboratory analysis and final report preparation. All work was completed in compliance with applicable federal, state and local regulations. The project was successfully completed on-schedule and within budget, to the satisfaction of our client.

Wetland Delineation & Permitting- Dooley Natural Gas Pipeline

CWE, Inc., was retained by Mi-Tech Services, Inc., to provide wetland delineation and permitting services, for a natural gas pipeline route designed to meet the growing needs of farms and rural manufacturers. The gas pipeline, located within the road right-of-way, traversed approximately 95 miles, through predominantly agricultural terrain in three Minnesota counties: Kandiyohi, Meeker and Stearns. All wetland areas along the route were delineated in accordance with the procedures outlined in the "Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual” (Department of the Army, 1987) and the “Guidelines for Submitting Wetland Delineations in Minnesota to the St. Paul District Corps of Engineers” (Department of the Army, 1996) and regional supplement. The delineation process involved reviewing pertinent regional references, then performing field investigations. The field investigations were performed to confirm information obtained from the regional references, and to precisely delineate wetland boundaries. Thirty some individual wetland areas were delineated, and twenty-nine data points were evaluated. Wetland types included shallow marsh, fresh “wet” meadow, shrub-carr, and sedge meadows. Maps of the project route were created and a delineation report was submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers, and to the MNDNR for review and approval. Federal permits, and state licenses were issued. Joint Federal Permit (ACOE/MNDNR). License to Cross Public Lands (MNDNR). License to Cross Public Waters (MNDNR).

Aspirus Langlade Hospital Demolition Project

CWE, Inc. was retained by Aspirus Langlade Hospital to provide environmental engineering services for the inspection, testing and proper removal of hazardous materials associated with the demolition of the Langlade Hospital in Antigo, Wisconsin. CWE and an asbestos abatement subconsultant performed an initial inspection including sampling, and testing to identify potential asbestos containing material. Bidding specifications and contractual documents for abatement of hazardous materials were prepared and contractors solicited for the project. CWE provided the abatement observation during the demolition including correspondence with the WDNR to assure compliance with regulatory standards and proper permitting. CWE worked closely with the contractor to provide a final report documenting the the removal and disposal of all hazardous material within the entire hospital facility. Coordination during the demolition was also provided to recycle many of the usable items with the facility. Many of the windows and doors were recycled in other new building projects.

Wausau Curling Club

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Rib Mountain State Park

Schofield Avenue Retail Center

Schofield Avenue Streetscape

Vernon County Balefill

Greenheck Field House

The Greenheck Field House, one of the premier Ice Arenas in Wisconsin, is located adjacent to D.C. Everest High School. Yet, the facility is open to the public and serves the entire community. The three-level facility was designed to fit the natural contour of the existing terrain

Robert W. Monk Gardens, Inc

Camp Phillips Roadway Improvements

Ross Ave to Northwestern Ave

Schofield Avenue Roadway Improvements

Ryan Street to CTH J

Pedestrian Bridge Over STH 29